GLP compliant laboratory

Symbiotic Research bioanalytical lab is fully GLP compliant and meets FDA and EPA requirements for data acceptance.  Our bioanalytical lab equipped with the latest in triple quads such as AB SCIEX 5500, 4000 and the latest in high resolution quantitation technique-MRM-HR utilizing AB SCIEX X500B. Our sample runs created through WATSON LIMS DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 7.6.1 SP1 and uploaded either to Analyst or Sciex’s latest OS-based software and reviewed by WATSON LIMS DATA MANAGEMENT system.

Quality Assurance

Our instruments go through annual OQ/PV validation procedures and all data generated are real-time backed up into three different locations: local drive, local server and the cloud.

We have been inspected by many of the top 5 agrochemical, animal health pharmaceutical company and their Quality Assurance teams as well as the top-three partnering CRO’s Quality Assurances.
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Animal residue and bioanalytical chemistry

Our team is specialized in animal, poultry, fish, crustacean, companion animal residue chemistry.

Since Symbiotic Research owns its own animal research facility and partnered with third party companion animal research facilities, we pride ourselves as experts in residue and bioanalytical chemistry applied to animals.

Analytical methods

From science-based concepts to adaptation or development of methodology to validation of methods, we offer all the necessary steps in creating robust, proven, and exact analytical methods:

  • Methods for active ingredient(s) and formulated product
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Development and validation of single & multi-residue analysis methods
  • Identification and optimization of sample preparation (including solid-phase extraction, QuEChERS, etc.)
  • Enforcement methods & radio-validation of analytical methods
  • Screening: purity & impurity profile of the active substance
  • 5-Batch analyses
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