What we offer

  • We are committed to devel­oping long-term research and devel­op­ment part­ner­ships with agro­chem­ical, phar­ma­ceu­tical, life science, and biotech­nology companies.
  • The Symbi­otic Research team, with more than 100 years of combined expe­ri­ence in agro­chem­ical, bioan­a­lyt­ical and animal health R&D, is adept in designing and imple­menting strate­gies to meet our customers’ needs and time frames. Our tech­nical exper­tise and our profes­sional know-how ensure maximum quality of our product. We are customer-focused and reliable.
  • Our exper­tise spans a wide variety of scien­tific areas including Plant & Animal Metab­o­lism, Envi­ron­mental Fate, Biodegra­da­tion, Bioaccumulation/​Fish Metab­o­lism, Analytical/​Bio-Analyt­cial Method Devel­op­ment & Vali­da­tion, Phys­ical & Chem­ical Char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion, Magni­tude of Residue Analyses, Formu­la­tion Devel­op­ment and a multi­tude of addi­tional capabilities

Regulatory GLP Sciences
at your service

  • Plant & Animal Metabolism

    Metabolism with a variety of animal and plant species is considered our core business. We understand in-vitro and in-vivo metabolism chemistry applied to plant and animal. We offer complete services under one ‘roof’: From in-life phase to quantitative & qualitative analyses.

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  • Environmental Fate Studies

    Comprehensive suite of services to assess the mobility, transformation, and degradation of substances in natural systems.

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    services in life researches header crustacean rice studies with Crayfish
  • Residue Chemistry & Bioanalytical Services

    At Symbiotic Research, management and employees have combined over 100 years of experience in conducting residue chemistry/bioanalytical studies.

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  • In Life Research Services

    Symbiotic Research, LLC provides in-life animal, poultry, fish, crustacean and avian toxicology services (Mallard Ducks and Quail-Japanese and Northern Bobwhite) through its direct subsidiary Genesis Midwest, LLC located in the state of Wisconsin.

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  • Product Chemistry

    At Symbiotic Research, LLC we offer most product chemistry services per following guidelines: EPA, OECD, CIPAC, FAO and WHO. We have standardized protocols ready and available to utilize for a particular guideline requested by our clients.

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  • Preclinical Pharmaceutical Capabilities

    From formulation and method development to bioanalysis, toxicological, and metabolism studies – our experts at Symbiotic Research cover your requirements for preclinical drug development.

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  • Additional Capabilities

    Symbiotic Research provides turn-key volatilization assessment of dicamba products via quantitative humidome tests, avian toxicological services as well as formulation development.

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Why Symbiotic Research Labs?

Highly skilled staff

  • Our labs are oper­ated with highly seasoned scien­tists from variety of disci­plines such as Agri­chem­i­cals, Animal Health, Biotech­nology and Phar­ma­ceu­tical industries.
  • We have a unique hiring strategy for recruiting newly grad­u­ated best and the brightest talents from Colleges and Univer­si­ties throughout the state of New Jersey.

State-of-the-art equip­ment

  • Our chro­mato­graphic instru­ments are primarily Agilent (i.e., Agilent 1100, 1200 HPLCs, UHPLC 1290 INFINITY-II, Agilent Capil­lary Elec­trophoresis). This is to stream­line and simplify annual vali­da­tion processes while keeping cost in check. At Symbi­otic Research, all our chro­mato­graphic instru­ments are subject for annual IQ/OQ/PQ perfor­mance tests at the instal­la­tion and annu­ally there­after Agilent-based OQ/PV proto­cols are written and executed by a qual­i­fied third-party tech­ni­cian or by a trained tech­ni­cian in-house following in-house SOPs. The compre­hen­sive annual OQ/PV tests conducted to demon­strate that our equip­ment operate as when they were installed and must pass its manu­fac­turers rigorous OQ/PV tests before it is utilized on a GLP study.
  • Symbi­otic Research uses high reso­lu­tion time of flight mass spec­trom­etry (Q‑TOF) such as the latest tech­nology from AB SCIEX, the X500B inter­faced to Agilent UHPLC-INFINITY-II with various autosam­pler config­u­ra­tions and LAB LOGIC Radio Detec­tors for its struc­ture eluci­da­tion activ­i­ties. To the best of our knowl­edge, Symbi­otic Research is one of the hand-full of Contract Research Orga­ni­za­tion glob­ally (if not the only lab) to offer Capil­lary Elec­trophoresis inter­faced to High Reso­lu­tion Time of Flight mass spec­trom­eter (CE-MS-TOF) for bioanalysis and/​or struc­ture eluci­da­tion of unique small and large molecules.
  • For residue and bioanalysis our sample-runs created through Oracle-based vali­dated WATSON LIMS DATA MANAGE­MENT SYSTEM 7.6.1 SP1 and uploaded either to Analyst or Sciex’s latest OS-based soft­ware and data reviewed by vali­dated WATSON LIMS data manage­ment system.
  • All GLP data gener­ated are saved to local PC drive and simul­ta­ne­ously saved in two other loca­tions: The internal secure company server and to the cloud.
  • Symbi­otic Research utilizes the latest in radio detec­tors from Lab Logic (i.e., Model 5C) equipped with Laura Soft­ware, Active Counting Mode, etc. as inter­face to its HPLCs, UHPLCs and mass spectrometers.
  • For Liquid Scin­til­la­tion Coun­ters (LSC) the top-of-the-line Beckman LS6500 Series, the latest Micro­beta-II with 12 detec­tors from Perkin Elmer are utilized.
  • In Oxidizers, the most popular in agri­chem­ical and envi­ron­mental research from Harvey Instru­ments (OX-501 Series) are in use.
  • Majority of the balances, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Titra­tors, Coulo­metric Karl Fischer, pH Meters are by Mettler Toledo. Majority of the elec­tronic or manual pipettes used for GLP studies are from Rainin and are send out for cali­bra­tion by a third party.
  • We utilize Temper­a­ture GuardTM moni­toring system and all freezer/​refrigerator/​room temper­a­ture cabi­nets are moni­tored 24/7 and backed up locally and into the server.
  • The elec­tricity to our labs is filtered through a commer­cial 150KVA MGE UPS system which is connected directly to a massive 650-gallon capacity diesel gener­ator capable of providing elec­tricity for up to 50,000 SF of lab space for over 24 hours in case of power outage. Our entire lab including instru­ments, the temp devices all are backed up by this unin­ter­rupt­able power manage­ment system.
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